“I have never seen any transformation that didn’t begin with someone finally getting tired of their own bullsh*t.”— Elizabeth Gilbert 
Hola! Let me begin! ♥
Once upon a week ago I had the crappiest time of my life. A genuinely lollygag nine days agh’ crap of apathetic moping coupled with outbursts of slipshod vexation  indiscriminately aimed at nothing and everything.
Life was lamentable heartache and comedic dejection; A manic insomniac dieting on porridge bowls of chilled self-pity, snacking on protein bars of power perturbation, and juiced up on disquietude.  Loathing was dessert!
Unbelievable but, eeks’… I also started breaking out in zits and other reddish facial  itches which complemented my aura of loca!
Now, I am  Piscean as can be – fluid, flowing, more into my own dream world where life is crystal clear spring water breathing. Nothing can bait me. Nothing! I have girly gills to swim through fishy circumstances and  slippery situations. – That particular nine days though felt like muck. Like I was fish out of water, flip flopping, sodden, air gasping baracuda!
Strange. Strange how rhapsodic  days can mutate into drowning billows of atmospheric melancholy. Shouldn’t I know better? Now that I am older? S-I-G-H.
“You are, after all, what you think. Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.”— Elizabeth Gilbert
And in that questioning came my answer – ‘getting older,’ hah!  A revealing truth up to consider. It is logical. It is understandable. It can be handled – joyfully!  Seven months to fifty ( yes, 50 ) welcomes me smack in the midst of PERI. All compounding adolescent mimicking symptoms are in place, except I was never really pimply back then; There’s always a first time of course!
“There’s no trouble in this world so serious that it can’t be cured with a hot bath, a glass of whiskey, and the Book of Common Prayer.”— Elizabeth Gilbert 
20170821_105020Reading up on self- care regarding this natural change in a woman’s life is e-m-p-o-w-e-ring, whew! I am so NOT bonkers ALONE, hahaha! It relieves and casts a wave of confident ease in handing the onslaught of hormonal turbulence. Femme ammunition finally!
I have discovered generous sites of essential learnings available in the web. Some sites not only educate but bring together a worldwide community of  loving women forum support! How fortunate of ladies like you and me who have health, medical and spiritual  information at the tip of our fingers. Knowledge that feeds the mind, settles the spirit, and adds remarkably to the quality of life is verily ours!
What of others who have no access? No resource? No relational support?
I think of these innumerable number of women – out there on their own – confounded and bearing up with the flummox of  changes this season in life brings; the typical aches and mood swings brought about by chemical imbalances that can baffle and truly rattle normal life. The medical world has achieved great strides in women’s health – but access for all remains a struggle. This should be addressed. Women’s health care should be paramount in world importance!
As for me, the two top women’s health websites I rigorously consult  are the following: 
It was a fine fair weather day last Sunday so my husband and I decided a lunch out. As I sat in our car, taking in the banality of cemented pavement, a sudden  slicky crisp of brilliance permeated my senses. I had been articulating wry attempts for illumination the days past, and apparently, my angel guide must have decided then and there to sit by my side for the rest of the ride, haha!
Everything was suddenly lucent like, even the road ahead unencumbered and clear, as with, I realized, my soul and the rest of  life.

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These pictures capture a time last month when I was having the time of my life lounging by the pool with a book! 😀

Begin the Green Hunting

The real temple is the whole world, and there is nothing as divinely blessed as a blooming garden. ~C. Joybell C.

The Bloom!!! That’s my lovely  momentous life word for the year and it came about morning meditation a’ time ago. Inspiration  overwhelmed my senses – and nothing could give more cause for gratefulness than to be pinged by a fever of glitter. And so, HERE I wrote about how the pulsating UNIVERSE sent me a divine feely’ to set bloom the whole year through. Within me is a living sentiment that if I only trust, and in response to that trust,  instinctively follow the path I’m being led to, an expansive enlightened ascension of consciousness will transpire in my life.
20161221_080150The bloom seeks to manifest itself in my garden – both outer and inner – and I found myself plant shopping the first week of January. The activity coincided with a trip to my doc for a cough consultation – plus, another ailing feel I have, which I believe is resolving itself.
As I grow my home garden, the inner garden of self seeks to lush up  with particular attention on cultivating and nurturing health.
Already, I feel a deep gratefulness for the people I’m going to meet this year, and for the experiences which will undoubtedly enrich me. I only hope that I too, can fully give to the world a bit of my whole being.


Live a simple elegant day today.
Very little is needed to make for a happy life. It is within yourself and your way of thinking. Withdraw from superfluous talks and idle visits, also from listening to news and reports. Instead read matters that move you to insight, finesse and flair. Shut out the tumult of the world. Do not exceed in words. Go aside from the crowd and employ yourself into good meditations. It’s a wonderful morning and I intend to live it so! 😀 ~ A Very Clever Quote by: Me ( haha!) 
septemnercolorsfuncolToday is the best day of my life! No one can steal my inner joy and the feel of whimsiness I bear inside; Not the pile of pots and pans to be washed, not the clutter to be dealt with, not the dog to be dried  and brought to the vet, not the business that needs to be concluded, not the plans that have yet to bear fruit, and certainly not the world affairs that have gone gangrene.
This pollution of sadness and travesty from all parts of the world touches us all, but I choose to renew my mind every single daimg_20160113_120511y. It’s of no indelible use for me to take part of it by spouting any of my pseudo intellectual two cents worth. The very best I can do is dwell inside my inner sanctum and pray for everyone to carry on and boldly shoulder their personal problems. Tragedies are everywhere and the
heart of my offering is the contemplation of worldwide peace, and a life that chooses to present colors and  joy to others.
I realize now what it means when Christ said, “I am leaving you with a gift–peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”
My doll projects excite me – tremendously! Not just the dolls, but the whole concept  of creating a design line for cuteness living! My imagination is ripe with pretty! Time to get busy!

My Slidely sing song post is here -> “Wacky Weekend at Sunnies Cafe “

Plotting New Life Schemes ღೋ


This picture was taken at a Buddhist temple in Singapore during one of my travels to the city. This Dharma Wheel is dedicated to Quan Yin.~ Roselle Quin

“If you look the part and act the part, you’ll be surprised at the results you will produce. This is true with negative impressions as well as positive ones.” ~ Les Brown

Oh’ wow, just what I need! How grand fantabulous is that! Look what it reads, Visualize the mantra disc at your heart – always be able to cultivate the Dharma and — liberation from suffering…” It goes on with the venerable advice to, “Visualize a rain of jewels…” Well, well, I sure will! Goodness, I wonder if I had sense to take a full photo of this mantra wheel description. 

A man is raised from the earth by two things- Simplicity and Purity. There must be simplicity in his intention and purity in his desires.

Must be in my other PC -the one I no longer use. It’s about time I get the ol’ clunker going on again and while at it, upload stored photos in the Cloud. I know now why my silly heart seems restless. How blind could I be, truly? Instead of immersing myself in books and readings that uplift – which is my normal way of life encouragement, I instead unconsciously parceled my energy and peace away by wallowing in the strange circumstances  of this world replete with trouble, injustice and sorrow. As if it were all new occurrences. I should know better – the world has always been a house of sorrows. 20160313_121853

“You will make great progress if you keep yourself free from all temporal cares, for to value anything that is temporal is a great mistake.” ~ Thomas A. Kempis

To keep oneself free from temporal cares  doesn’t mean living in a secluded glass house with rose colored spectacles – turning a blind eye on everything that’s going on. Can’t be done, anyway. But, surely, there must be something more productive I can do than gnash my teeth, shake my head and wildly ponder a fatalistic dystopian world in the offing.

 The mantra above admonishes to “rejoice in the awe-inspiring power of the —- wheel…” An imposing advice  alluding to the way life unfolds in a roundabout of ups and down and concentric  cycles of pleasure, pain, good and bad.

The glory of the good is in their conscience and not on the lips of men.

My coffee is downed and the Help has arrived to do her cleaning. I have writing to accomplish and projects to tackle. Must not forget today’s yoga. More importantly, take time to recollect with the saints and wise ones. Their writings are artisian springs..upward movements of refreshing waters of wisdom to drink from.  20160314_074028

ღೋ ღೋღೋ

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Does Your Life Inspire You?

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* Collection of old’photos above. 
Does your life inspire you?!?
Gawd, what a question for an uncomf’tble afternoon!
I’m supposed to dwell on a writing that’s  due, but the rains, goodness –  they came headlong ! O’ yes they came – pouring down in such drama making that  clacking sound on the good ol’ tin roof! There was a  rough edge of wind with it. For a moment I stood watching the spectacle from my kitchen door wondering if I should bother closing bedroom windows. Which I didn’t. What for? I was sure it wouldn’t last for long and I was right.  About 15 minutes or so was what it had to give. My plants and trees are drenchly accepting, but hell,  now it feels even more humid than ever!
How can that be? 
I was anticipating’ a spot of fresh feel after all that watery hoopla’ but nOooo! It’s hotter that ever! 
So here I am inside my bedroom, locked with the aircon going, my unmade bed from well this morning staring me like a capricious ghost of conscience, haha! — My house help comes every other day (all I require), which makes every domestic chore my toll for the day.  I have something in my old trusty washer outside; maybe I should go see if I can rinse off since the rains have now dwindled to mere tears. I’m NOT in the mood to do so, but seriously,  if I go by mood then nothings ever going to get done. 
smilecollageI can’t point what’s up with me today  – carrying a certain dowdy malaise and not quite my uppity self. I feel sooooo…ummmm...heavy, yes, like I’m a jelly sack of blob that can’t be bothered with anything. My ankles feel like dead weight and it’s such a groany’ effort walking myself around. Can’t smile much and don’t like anything much,  not even myself, which is totally weird because – I happen to like me, hahaha! Yup. Hey, maybe Mercury is in retrograde – haven’t checked  *Astrolada lately, I probably should.
(* Astrolada happens to be a fun lady with an expertise in astrology – something I don’t take seriously except for a bit of lovely insight, a laugh, or some serependitious observation.)
sundayflowersYesterday I had a moment of going back through old photos online.
Gave me smiles to see moments  almost buried  in memory. At the end of the last pic, I was swimming in juicy lightness – a certain joie’ de vivre form seeing all the colors I’ve created. Wow, those were my memories and I must admit,I was inspired. Grateful and inspired. I know the in between struggles – but the main motion of joy was there – always there. God is good.
And so in spite of this melancholy streak I’m struck with today, seeing the colors of my life, the nature of it, gives me inspiration and resolve to create more pretty. A color imperfection of perfections, OR perfection of imperfections,  of a life of my creation.

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Things May Happen Around You 2

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This post continues from here: “Things may Happen Around You”
“If you run around with 9 losers pretty soon you’ll be the 10th one.” – Les Brown

20160416_204840Happiness is a brick and mortar business! You pick one block of memorable moment, heavy and grainy and straight from the sands of time. You take a breath, pace your strength, heave and pile it atop another brick of mirthful attention, continuing the motion and sealing the foundation from cracks and weaknesses that tumble your creation. You step back, view your effort, and sigh in prideful satisfaction.  If you’re wise enough you dust your hand and acknowledge that it’s all transient. Not temporary but transient. Not fleeting but transient. A moving, travelling transient structured good of consequences.

Les Brown was spot on when he said that life’s gonna’ end anyway so you might as well have fun. Not the losers low scum modality of fun, but a winner’s kind of fun. A fun that touches all the sensitive throbbing parts of oneself.  An  Easter  vibe brought about by the risen reality that you are living  from the depth of your human purpose. #puredopamine
Things may happen around you, a nasty bug of  society’s uncertainty you aren’t responsible for perhaps. But unless one is physically crippled by grave circumstances, then the power to alter personal reality by tweaking attitudes and perceptions is always viable. Self responsibility is life’s powerful magic that delivers that *pizza  in a  box thrill of giddy happiness. — ——–The important thing is to avoid the 9 losers confederation and instead hang out with the gang of ambition.
The 9 losers confederation is a  sulfurous egregious composition of maladjusted personas whose vaporous whiff affects the vulnerable soul. It’s a malady, a trend, a passing vulgarity of a fad, a mind altering attention seeking occurrence,  manifestation or incident that takes hold of ones attention, diverting it from working accomplishments to imbibe of  drama and its drunken effect.
You know you’re with the 9 losers when you lose cause for your life and slowly give bits and pieces of your sanity away. You begin to stink of the stench of doubt and fear, and your nose sniffs anger everywhere. Eventually, and in very short notice, the 9 losers adds on a 10th, and goodness hopes it isn’t  you.
The gang of ambition always states its case. There is no confusion with this lot. There are only “to do’s”and  a focused sense of going somewhere. You know you’re in company when you see action and outcome. You have focus and aren’t drawn to the emotional piques of unproductive affairs. Resolution is your attention.
It’s best to be reminded of the company we keep. The days are frosted with a thick fog of diversions.
Things may happen around you, but the only things that are important is what is happening in you.
*feeling of fun when the pizza delivery  guy rings your doorbell

With So Much To Be Thankful For

20160511_154609Oh my goodness, WordPress, it takes so much effort to post in you, hah! Every time I’m here, I devolve into complaints (yes, yes, it’s free but even tho’ haha!)   –  like look, the previous post was not the most recent writing I did. The latest post appeared down an old post of months ago. Oh’ and the Slidely gallery doesn’t want to load, which is like total bummer.

My main blog truly is blogger – Roselle Quin Journal – c’mon over and be dazzled, lols! Anyway, I hate hate hate to see any bloggy bit of mine devoid of fabulousity so here’s a pic of me, wearing the mother of shades, hehehe! 😀

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I’ve been having wild head tensions and other weird sensations  (sounds like the title of a book I could write! ) the past months. For a while – long while – I’ve been driving myself crazy with bouts of  unexplained ails, which ultimately led to panic attacks/ anxiety attacks,  which made me appear like the “Queen of Awesome Weird” to my family.
In between my “spellsss” I’ve surprisingly managed to have a good time travelling to HK last March and just recently to Singapore. I might be smiling in the pics, but the SG travel was part of my healing process.  In spite of having to mostly be alone, as the husband was at work till around past 6, I took it upon myself to get up and explore.  It was NOT easy but I’m glad I did it.
The head pressure and tensions have eased, thank God! Not completely, but enough to be managed. This is the last I’ll speak of it. I’m finally back to my writing and my art.