Begin the Green Hunting

The real temple is the whole world, and there is nothing as divinely blessed as a blooming garden. ~C. Joybell C.

The Bloom!!! That’s my lovely  momentous life word for the year and it came about morning meditation a’ time ago. Inspiration  overwhelmed my senses – and nothing could give more cause for gratefulness than to be pinged by a fever of glitter. And so, HERE I wrote about how the pulsating UNIVERSE sent me a divine feely’ to set bloom the whole year through. Within me is a living sentiment that if I only trust, and in response to that trust,  instinctively follow the path I’m being led to, an expansive enlightened ascension of consciousness will transpire in my life.
20161221_080150The bloom seeks to manifest itself in my garden – both outer and inner – and I found myself plant shopping the first week of January. The activity coincided with a trip to my doc for a cough consultation – plus, another ailing feel I have, which I believe is resolving itself.
As I grow my home garden, the inner garden of self seeks to lush up  with particular attention on cultivating and nurturing health.
Already, I feel a deep gratefulness for the people I’m going to meet this year, and for the experiences which will undoubtedly enrich me. I only hope that I too, can fully give to the world a bit of my whole being.