Live a simple elegant day today.
Very little is needed to make for a happy life. It is within yourself and your way of thinking. Withdraw from superfluous talks and idle visits, also from listening to news and reports. Instead read matters that move you to insight, finesse and flair. Shut out the tumult of the world. Do not exceed in words. Go aside from the crowd and employ yourself into good meditations. It’s a wonderful morning and I intend to live it so! 😀 ~ A Very Clever Quote by: Me ( haha!) 
septemnercolorsfuncolToday is the best day of my life! No one can steal my inner joy and the feel of whimsiness I bear inside; Not the pile of pots and pans to be washed, not the clutter to be dealt with, not the dog to be dried  and brought to the vet, not the business that needs to be concluded, not the plans that have yet to bear fruit, and certainly not the world affairs that have gone gangrene.
This pollution of sadness and travesty from all parts of the world touches us all, but I choose to renew my mind every single daimg_20160113_120511y. It’s of no indelible use for me to take part of it by spouting any of my pseudo intellectual two cents worth. The very best I can do is dwell inside my inner sanctum and pray for everyone to carry on and boldly shoulder their personal problems. Tragedies are everywhere and the
heart of my offering is the contemplation of worldwide peace, and a life that chooses to present colors and  joy to others.
I realize now what it means when Christ said, “I am leaving you with a gift–peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”
My doll projects excite me – tremendously! Not just the dolls, but the whole concept  of creating a design line for cuteness living! My imagination is ripe with pretty! Time to get busy!

My Slidely sing song post is here -> “Wacky Weekend at Sunnies Cafe “

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