Things May Happen Around You 2

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“If you run around with 9 losers pretty soon you’ll be the 10th one.” – Les Brown

20160416_204840Happiness is a brick and mortar business! You pick one block of memorable moment, heavy and grainy and straight from the sands of time. You take a breath, pace your strength, heave and pile it atop another brick of mirthful attention, continuing the motion and sealing the foundation from cracks and weaknesses that tumble your creation. You step back, view your effort, and sigh in prideful satisfaction.  If you’re wise enough you dust your hand and acknowledge that it’s all transient. Not temporary but transient. Not fleeting but transient. A moving, travelling transient structured good of consequences.

Les Brown was spot on when he said that life’s gonna’ end anyway so you might as well have fun. Not the losers low scum modality of fun, but a winner’s kind of fun. A fun that touches all the sensitive throbbing parts of oneself.  An  Easter  vibe brought about by the risen reality that you are living  from the depth of your human purpose. #puredopamine
Things may happen around you, a nasty bug of  society’s uncertainty you aren’t responsible for perhaps. But unless one is physically crippled by grave circumstances, then the power to alter personal reality by tweaking attitudes and perceptions is always viable. Self responsibility is life’s powerful magic that delivers that *pizza  in a  box thrill of giddy happiness. — ——–The important thing is to avoid the 9 losers confederation and instead hang out with the gang of ambition.
The 9 losers confederation is a  sulfurous egregious composition of maladjusted personas whose vaporous whiff affects the vulnerable soul. It’s a malady, a trend, a passing vulgarity of a fad, a mind altering attention seeking occurrence,  manifestation or incident that takes hold of ones attention, diverting it from working accomplishments to imbibe of  drama and its drunken effect.
You know you’re with the 9 losers when you lose cause for your life and slowly give bits and pieces of your sanity away. You begin to stink of the stench of doubt and fear, and your nose sniffs anger everywhere. Eventually, and in very short notice, the 9 losers adds on a 10th, and goodness hopes it isn’t  you.
The gang of ambition always states its case. There is no confusion with this lot. There are only “to do’s”and  a focused sense of going somewhere. You know you’re in company when you see action and outcome. You have focus and aren’t drawn to the emotional piques of unproductive affairs. Resolution is your attention.
It’s best to be reminded of the company we keep. The days are frosted with a thick fog of diversions.
Things may happen around you, but the only things that are important is what is happening in you.
*feeling of fun when the pizza delivery  guy rings your doorbell

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