With So Much To Be Thankful For

20160511_154609Oh my goodness, WordPress, it takes so much effort to post in you, hah! Every time I’m here, I devolve into complaints (yes, yes, it’s free but even tho’ haha!)   –  like look, the previous post was not the most recent writing I did. The latest post appeared down an old post of months ago. Oh’ and the Slidely gallery doesn’t want to load, which is like total bummer.

My main blog truly is blogger – Roselle Quin Journal – c’mon over and be dazzled, lols! Anyway, I hate hate hate to see any bloggy bit of mine devoid of fabulousity so here’s a pic of me, wearing the mother of shades, hehehe! 😀

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I’ve been having wild head tensions and other weird sensations  (sounds like the title of a book I could write! ) the past months. For a while – long while – I’ve been driving myself crazy with bouts of  unexplained ails, which ultimately led to panic attacks/ anxiety attacks,  which made me appear like the “Queen of Awesome Weird” to my family.
In between my “spellsss” I’ve surprisingly managed to have a good time travelling to HK last March and just recently to Singapore. I might be smiling in the pics, but the SG travel was part of my healing process.  In spite of having to mostly be alone, as the husband was at work till around past 6, I took it upon myself to get up and explore.  It was NOT easy but I’m glad I did it.
The head pressure and tensions have eased, thank God! Not completely, but enough to be managed. This is the last I’ll speak of it. I’m finally back to my writing and my art.

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