A Tchaikovsky Feel of Life

I woke  up to a very ordinary morning sustained by plain wheat bread and green tea. None of the wee’ spring tizzy’ waltzy feel of being HERE (must click to get what I mean, go on! haha! ).
Lately, I’ve been concentrating on how I FEEL… shucks what could be more boring, seriously?!? 
Dramatic monologue of ails –> READ if thou’ wants! 
It’s been a months passionate connection to facial prickly sensations, throat itchies, eye blotches and dull head feels!
img_20160113_104138My allergy is more than in love with me, coily and clingy and ugh, so needy! In fairness, I haven’t seriously taken anything for it. I know, if this persists, a trip to the docs ought to take place. Oh, I hope, NOT, as I hate the bother. If I’m going to be “old school” I’d say a week of serious gardening under the hot summer morning sun would do me a wealth of good.
As it katherinekleinsunflowersis, I’m going to notice every sensation and circumstance that is OK today, like right now. If I go back to a couple of months ago, so many things have been great – my venture to yoga and Zumba, the family trip particularly – and ooooooh’ yeah, the impromptu and utterly memorable Valentine buffet hehe!
Right now tho,  I truly want to take note of the little details that weave the finer thread of days; things in life that I used to notice and even made a moving collage of  #fun (see above).


Today’s Thankful List:
  1. My trusty house cleaner. She’s a treasure!
  2. My new dainty tea cups! Several pretties added to my collection!
  3. The blue sky weather! Perfect summer, not drying hot, in fact, we’re having a breeze today – so’ grand!
  4. Quiet serene spaces in my community where I can read un-bothered!
  5. My  new antique style vintage type white stock pot bought from Gourdo’s! Very chic!
  6. My new party food warmer – from “Gourdo’s” as well! Surprise! Surprise! Not expensive at all!
  7. My new Anita Shreve book was fabulous!  Gave it 5 swanky stars at Goodreads!
I’m pretty sure there’s more I can number, but life’s must do’s are reeling me in. To go, I should, must put stuff in order, sort things out, a trip to the bookstore most likely, then a lovely pre-dinner coffee at some coffee shop.Life.